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Charcuterie & Serving Boards

Impress your guests with beautiful handcrafted charcuterie and serving boards from Country Woodworks

Our handmade one of a kind Charcuterie Boards and Serving Boards are sure to be the star of your next event. Truly unique serving ware can be difficult to find. At Country Woodworks we believe in creating top quality serving ware that will be the perfect natural canvas to accent the finely curated cuisine placed on it. Our handcrafted boards are not only beautiful, they are functional works of art that are sure to spark a conversation at your next event. Our handcrafted boards are beautiful enough to leave out on the counter all the time

Planks are specifically chosen for their appearance, making each piece truly unique. The natural shapes in the wood are enhanced with knots, cracks, holes and other features. These natural imperfections are celebrated as it accentuates the beauty of the board, and means no two are ever the same. 

Looking for something truly unique? Each Charcuterie or Serving Board can be customized with fractal burning or epoxy rivers in custom colors. Customize the shape, size and design of your board to create your own functional work of art. Personalized engraving is also available on all our Charcuterie, Serving and Cutting Boards, making them the perfect unique gift for Christmas, house-warmings, Mother’s Day, or any other special occasion.

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